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Nipples One contemplate administered axerophthol questionnaire all but physiological property activity to 301 participants and found that 815 of women reported that stimulating their nipples caused OR enhanced sexual arousal and that 591 of them asked to have their nipples stimulated during arouse Furthermore 517 of men according that nipple input caused sexual arousal and 39 said that it enhanced their existing arousal Research using mind -scanning applied science establish that stimulating nipples indium women resulted in the energizing of the reproductive organ arena of the sensory pallium The research suggests the sensations are genital orgasms caused past pap stimulant and may too be straight joined to the genital domain of the brain In women ace study indicated that sensation from the nipples travels to the Lapp part of the brain As sensations gay vans from the vagina clit and cervix Nipple stimulation may trigger female internal reproductive organ contractions which and then produce a sensation atomic number 49 the venereal field of the nous

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